Custom Designed To Fit Your Business

Designing a website isn’t rocket science… but, if it doesn’t grab people’s attention and make a great impression, why bother?  At WKMMediaServices, our approach to designing your website is simple. It has to look amazing, tell your story and be easy to navigate. It should never be a pre-made template that you try to shoehorn your business into. We custom build your site to fit your business comfortably, like a new pair of Italian loafers. 

 At WKMMediaServices, we design everything from the ground up. Every page is custom made, not a template that you adapt to fit your business. We build your site to tell your story, not make your story fit the design. The result is a great looking website that makes sense to the reader and allows them to find what they are looking for quickly and easily. It also lets you get found in Google searches for the reasons that are most important to you. No fluff and no content just for the sake of content. Instead, readers get the information they sought and you get maximum results.

Whether you need a new website, your existing website needs help or you need a programmer to maintain and update your current website, WKMMediaServices will get it done for you, on time and on budget, every time!

What you can expect...

At WKMMediaServices, we like to keep things simple. We don’t try to wow you with a lot of “techno babble”… we speak to you in plain English and tell you exactly what you can expect. Most importantly, we listen closely to your needs. We offer you the best value plus the best custom designs you will find anywhere and we guarantee your satisfaction!

Unsurpassed Functionality

Your website has to work the way you need it to. If it doesn’t fulfill all of your objectives, you’ve wasted your time and money.  Because we build your website from the ground up, we incorporate the functions you want and then design around them, instead of trying to force functionality into a cookie cutter template. Our designs provide a superior user experience that gets results.

Great Looking/
Easy to Navigate

Just because we put function first, doesn’t mean we don’t put a premium on aesthetics. Focusing on function creates a natural flow that allows us to design crisp, clean, great looking pages that are easy to read with content that’s always on point. Readers stay longer when they can easily find what they are looking for. Creating dynamic and simplistic pages makes for a website that is easy to navigate.

Google Search Rankings

We  have an SEO plan to fit your business and grow your brand. We design your website pages to rank at the top of Google searches and generate maximum traffic. We also help you monitor your website’s growth and see which pages are getting the most attention. You receive a weekly report that details every visit to each page and where it came from, plus other useful data to help you get the largest return from your website.

Our guarantee: You don’t pay for your website until you are completely satisfied with it!

What your website should do for you...

Of course we build great looking websites, but there is so much more your website can do!

Expand your customer base

Prospective customers look on the web first. We help you get to the top of page one search results and get seen first!

Reach your target audience

We help you create an engaging message to the group most likely to purchase your service or product to get the most from your webpages.

Increase Brand Recognition

With effective SEO techniques and well written content, we get your brand noticed in every way possible on the web.

Let Your Website Work For You

We build websites that do so much more than just look great. We have tools to help you capture leads, qualify your visitors and even make the sale!

We build all of our websites with WordPress CMS and Elementor page builder. WordPress is the number one platform used by professionals for web design and Elementor is the number one page builder. This combination offers unlimited design options and provides our clients the ability to edit all of their web pages on the front end, without coding.

Enough talk, let's see the merchandise!

We can tell you we build great websites, but that’s not the same as showing you. We say, “seeing is believing…”

Tacky Tie Films
Gregory Gospel Radio
Alpha Fitness Centers
City West Fan Man Lighting
GawkStopper® Site Security Co.
Vista Falls Veterinary Hospital
"Just Put it Out There!" Radio Show
Norm's Minit Mart
CorrectAStep Orthotics
Dr. Brooks Mobile Pet Vet
Native Ministry
Jim Carter Septic Repair Service
Yep, This Is It! Luxury Rental Cabin
Digital Marketing Resources
Jesse Livermore Trading

Our complete portfolio is available for you to view upon request

Pricing That's Easy On Your Budget!

anyone can afford a website at these prices! We also offer a payment plan.

Landing/Single Page

1 Page Website
$ 500
  • WordPress CMS
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • One Year Free Hosting!
  • 100% Responsive

Multiple Page Site

Up To 15 pages
$ 750
  • WordPress CMS
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • One Year Free Hosting!
  • 100% Responsive

E-Commerce Site

Up To 20 Pages
$ 1,000
  • WooCommerce + WP
  • No Monthly Fees!
  • One Year Free Hosting!
  • 100% Responsive

We also offer a number of specialty services, including Custom HTML Email Campaigns that are designed to integrate seamlessly with your website, specialized SEO Services and Social Media Optimization. Use our contact form or email us for details.

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We would love to answer any questions you have, talk to you about your website needs or discuss anything else we can help you with. You can call us at (828) 490-1604, email us at or you can use the contact form below. 

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